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The 3-Dimensional Phun & Innovation Behind the Phounding of Phamous Pholks Furniture Art Pillows

I was a huge fan of the Pink Panther movies, particularly The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976). It featured a full-length stuffed sitting pillow of Chief Inspector Clouseau. I had to have one, so my mother helped me make one in the late 1970’s. I purchased clothes for “him” from various thrift shops that make “him” look very similar to the original from the movie. I still have “him” today, 35 years later.
– Steve Long, Head PhunMeister

Today, Phamous Pholks has sitting, life-sized furniture art pillows that are fun and conversation starters that are perfect for your living room chairs and couches, childrens room, “man caves” and recreation rooms!

We hope you visit our exciting categories of photo art pillow products, all of which blossomed from just one Phun idea.

Feel free to contact us with your thoughts as well as suggestions for new Phamous Pholks products!

Thank you for your time.

Steve Long, Head PhunMeister

Chief Inspector Clouseau